Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Niche Perfume

I am a huge fan of niche perfume. For those of you who don't know what it is, this is a good description from Fragrantica:

Niche perfumery is alternative to mass perfume production. Niche is limited by the clientele and therefore with a limited sale range, thus the goal of niche houses is not to sell as much as possible.

Art and creativity is on the first place in niche perfumery, and as it applies to any other kind of arts, there is a possibility that a niche perfume creation will not be recognized and accepted.
No Dior or Calvin Klein or Escada's all little-known names and unique scents. My favorite niche perfume etailer is LuckyScent, because they are majorly awesome and also because they offer a lot of samples. My current signature perfume is from LuckyScent: Il Profumo's Aria di Mare, a gorgeous marine scent that words cannot adequately describe.

I've recently discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and I'm very intrigued by their list of fragrances. And the prices are great, too! I'm definitely going to have to try some out after Christmas.


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