Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top Coats Undressed

Gabrielle of The Edge of Sanity decided to send 8 volunteers 12 different types of top coats, without letting them know which top coat was which. She entitled this experiment Top Coats Undressed, and it is frankly awesome. Below are the links to the results of each top coat tested, from worst to best.
Yes, that's right -- a 99-cent top coat beat out the 11 other "heavy hitter" top coats to claim the coveted designation of Best Top Coat.

My only addition to this list would be CHI Ceramic Top Coat, which I personally love. I would have liked to see how it fared in a blind test.


Myz said...

I've been trying to find this again for days. What is the name of the generic top coat?

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